Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Extended Definition Essay: Leadership

The word “leadership” is such a big word. It is a big word because it comes with big responsibilities. We tend to have an assumption that leadership is the mere act of leading people around you. Its definition is not just to lead people but rather to influence people for a desired mission or goal. To define leadership properly or to give its denotative meaning, it is the capability and the capacity to lead people. The definition might be just simple as that but for me; I do think that there is more to leadership than its inner sense of meaning. According to Peter Drucker (1991), "management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."
         A leader is someone who leads. If we take a look at the etymology of the word leader, it is from Middle English leder, ledere from Old English laedere ("leader"), equivalent to lead + er. The word itself already tells us a lot about what the word really means. Of course there are benefits in being a leader or doing something that concerns or regards to leadership. There are physical, psychological, and social factors to be attributed to the core personality of a good leader.
            Did you know that leadership is not only a task to be done or a responsibility to be fulfilled? It is also a benefit to each and every individual. By benefit, what do I exactly mean? Since leadership is a skill, enhancing it leads to the betterment of one’s self. Let us begin with the aspect of physical attributes that will be benefitted and augmented like grooming properly and having good and proper etiquettes.

Proper grooming is one great example. Of course, being a leader requires you to talk or present in front of a crowd. That indicates forcing someone to change his way of grooming to something better or proper. Example of a good leader is a lawyer talking to his colleagues, fellow lawyers. You won’t see a good lawyer wearing something that is not proper to a meeting or having inactions such as not brushing his teeth or not taking a bath. That shows bad ethics and we are not at home, we are in a world where professionalism is very important and being a leader is a real job. Being a leader is a job because you are credited and you influence people to achieve more.
Another example is proper etiquette. Proper etiquette is as important as proper grooming. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.” “Prescribed by authority” implies leadership.  Having proper etiquette is very important to being a leader. The thing about being a leader that requires proper etiquette indicates to both factors: representation of yourself and your team. Representation of yourself because the fact that you, as a matter of importance as a leader, is quite clear as to why you represent your skill and your seriousness as a contender to your achievement.

Another factor is when you represent your team. When doing this, you are responsible for yourself and your team’s reputation. With correct and proper grooming and etiquette, that could easily be salvaged, if not broken, and praised. This will lead to correct posture. Correct posture shows your confidence in your case as leadership requires confidence in standing by their stance. Leadership shows the quality of importance to posture, etiquette and grooming.
There are more than physical means if the context we are talking about is the benefits of leadership. Leadership or being a leader requires cognitive skills and concentration in order for you to fulfill the duty of being a leader. Psychological or mental development is acquired through leadership. Mental development is acquired through the concept of higher self-esteem, enhance or higher stage of thinking, concentration, and of course, two of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Belongingness and Self Actualization. The concept of higher self esteem is quite good as it develop every aspect of benefits that will be emphasized in this paper. Think of it as steroids for the mind. Having the confidence you require in being a leader should be as strong as you are required to be. Initially, you should be as confident as your case’s level of trustworthy. Of course, when you are a leader, you are exposed to stress, and this enables someone to upgrade them into higher stage of thinking. An example of when one is exposed is when one encounters a problem, you need to think, to adapt around the problem, and diminish it. As you think, you will need to attain the concept of concentration. According to Merriam-Webster, concentration means “to bring toward a common centre or focus.” Next is the fulfilment of your needs, belongingness and self-actualization. Belongingness was perceived when you are with your team. In a team, teamwork is important and through that fact, the sense of belongingness is acquired. In the case of self-actualization, you will realize what your limits are. You will know what you are capable of doing. In the case of developing you mental or psychological skills, an exposure of stress is needed and being a leader is very stressful.
When you feel the sense of belongingness, social interaction is further developed. Socializing with other people is needed if you are on the duty of leadership. You simply cannot avoid or shun someone if you hate them. You will need to keep your biases or hatred away, if leadership is to be done right. First concept of socialization is having the confidence in interacting with people. When you are a leader, you need to interact with every type of people that may give you some mixed judgment. You will be forced to interact with them and then you’ll learn on what to do next time since you are exposed. You will also appreciate your teammates. You will learn that teamwork is a must if you are to be a leader. Social development is a very important benefit that you will get once you become a leader.

In the end of your role as leader, you will see that you've changed. You are now adapted to stress. You are now thinking outside the box. Physical attributes have benefitted you in your personal life and social life. Your mental capabilities now are critical and sharp as you were exposed to anomalies. Your social life became better now and you learned to appreciate your teammates and their works. Your appreciation to a lot of things has been augmented and your time allotment became as strict as if you are in a deadline. The illusion of having the authority could bring arrogance but it is sometimes accompanied by confidence. 

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